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'We have depended on Pat to take care of our guests on a number of occasions. The feedback we received was extremely positive. Pat is very professional and caring, making our guests her number one priority.'
Elaine and Ron Wannamaker, Benaaron Guest House, Bancroft, ON

What a pleasure it was to have the ultimate host take care of Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast in the Haliburton Highlands while my partner and I enjoyed a holiday this October.
We contacted and Pat Bradley Owner/host/innkeeper. Pat while in training came to Sunny Rock B&B to learn our way of welcoming guests, making breakfast and to experience our residence prior to the seamless take over of Sunny Rock in our absence. Pat fulfilled 20 bed night of guests over 30 days. Her customer service was extraordinary and was appreciate by our new and returning guests.
I have every reason to believe Pat is the host B&Bs owners can rely on for that incidental day, weekend or longer holiday.

We are planning our future holiday and already have Pat on the calendar.

Sally Moore, Sunny Rock Bed & Breakfast, Haliburton Highlands  Resort Owners Vacation Innsitter

I have over 30 years experience in the hospitality business.  My husband and I built a small quiet campground into a large thriving and popular business.  We bought a failing motel in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands, and once again turned it into a busy, successful tourist business.  My greatest assets are my customer service and cleanliness.  I have a positive disposition and am reliable, trustworthy and organized.  I have raised 2 children in the hospitality environment and have travelled nationally and internationally.  I am an active person with interests in volunteering, travelling, cooking and meeting new people.

 Interim Innsitting

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